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Over 200 patents  A national high-tech enterprise with strong R&D and technical strength

· Technology Center

The company's technology center was established in 2004, and was rated as Qingdao municipal technology center in 2008.

The technology center of the company has undertaken a number of major research and development projects and achieved fruitful results. It has obtained more than 200 patents of various kinds, which has played a positive role in promoting the innovation and development of the enterprise.

There are 50 workers of bachelor degree and 10 of master degree.

The company has advanced professional testing equipments, perfect quality control system, professional quality control team which effectively ensure the quality of products.


Technical team

Our company has always been committed to strengthening ourselves through technology, and through constantly putting in efforts in technological innovations and technical ugrades, we now have immense technical prowess and advanced R&D facilities. In 2008, our Technology Centre was rated by the City Government of Qingdao as a City-level Technology Centre. The Technology Centre has an office, design studio, programming room, crafting space, laboratory and nine departments, with 36 technical personnel working in the Centre. The Centre also possesses more than forty large capacity high-specification computers, as well as hardwares including high quality blueprinters, colour printers and scanners, and softwares including AUTOCAD, CAM, CAE, CIMATEON and UG. Other laboratory equipments include spectrum analyzer, metal microscope image analyzer, carbon, and sulfur analyzer and universal testers.

The company strengthens the cooperation between production, education and research, cooperating with Qingqi Company and Chongqing Yuanchuang Company to develop new energy cabin, and undertakes various work from vehicle model analysis, design, mold making, stamping production, welding assembly and painting.


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